Hand Painted Glassware for All Occasions

Enter the wonderful world of dots, where fun, fancy, and functionality are found in the everyday, simple pleasure of using colorful, hand painted glassware:

  • wine glasses
  • hurricane glasses
  • salt & pepper shakers
  • platters
  • bowls
  • oil and vinegar bottles
  • perfume bottles

…just to get started.

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Lots O’ Dots Hand Painted Glassware

Choose your style of dots, large dots or medium dots — or small ones that look like confetti. Mix them together. The possibilities of patterns and color combinations are endless. Bright and bold or subtle and subdued.

Lots O’ Dots Glassware is more than a set of hand painted glasses. Display your flowers in a Lots O’ Dots vase, or entertain family and friends when you serve your favorite snacks and desserts on a Lots O’ Dots platter.